Want Facial? Four Things You Need To Know First!

If you have a tired week at work and are now planning to get a nice relaxing facial during the weekend. Then this article is for you. There are so many things that we miss before facial. Here is everything you first need to consider before getting your time booked at the spa.


Things To Keep In Mind Before A Facial

There are some facts and figures that you need to keep in mind before planning facials. We guarantee a much peaceful experience once you follow these guidelines.

1- Get To Know The Right Facial

So you might not have known this thing that we all have different skin types and therefore we all need different types of facials. For instance in case you have oily skin, then getting an intensive moisturizing facial will cause a breakout of pimples. Therefore, research well.

2- Do Not Wax Before

This is one of the most important fact that do not wax before going for facials. This will make your skin very irritable and can cause breakouts even. Also, you will observe unpleasant reddening of your skin.

waxing faiza beauty cream

3- Do Not Apply Anything On Face

This goes without saying now! Just apply makeup when you actually need it. Otherwise, remove it with the wipes if you are away from water. Similarly, when you are going to get facials than avoid wearing makeup.

makeup faiza beauty cream

4- Avoid Sun Before And After

Sun is amazing yet dangerous for our skins as well. Before going to the salon, avoid being exposed to the sun as it will cause sweating and the pores will get clogged with bacteria and chemicals. After getting the facial, you need to avoid because the skin is fresh and sensitive thus more prone to damage by the UV rays.


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